PAR Online Form



Use PAR Online Form to better regulatory compliance

The HSP management and PAR process must meet the state’s compliance requirements. The PAR form is critical step for Prime Vendor’s payment approval process. Any organizations and HUB departments seeking ways to better manage compliance will greatly benefit this PAR Online Form.

Streamlined team collaboration and approvals

One of the biggest challenges of PAR forms are complicated but necessary collaborations between departments and prime vendors. The collaboration is tedious, timely, and difficult to consistently manage. From PAR form centralization, to approval work flow, to HUB spending predictions, you can easily simplify your complicated PAR form compliance and management process.

Streamlined team collaboration and approvals

Digitize PAR form submission, review, and approval process

  • Step 1: Prime vendors submit their monthly PAR form online; 
  • Step 2: HUB office will receive a notification once the PAR form is submitted and either approve or deny it online;
  • Step 3: PAR approval or denial status will be automatically sent to the next department where the payment will be approved or denied.

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